We are DNA Community BV, an all-round financial consultancy firm. We mainly have clients in the creative sector to whom we provide various services; from administration, filing tax returns and giving tax advice to taking care of the total financial administration of the company.

It is possible to do this from our own office but we are also able to work (partly) on location.

In short, we have the administrative and financial knowledge and also the tax expertise to carry out the complete administration for a company and to assist clients with the many aspects of entrepreneurship. In addition, we work closely with various well-known notary and law firms as permanent partners.

Financial, tax & legal services

At DNA Community, we understand the value of high quality financial, tax & legal council. We provide our services with our dedicated team that has local and international experience in tackling even the most challenging legal and finance issues.

As an entrepreneur you want to focus on your core business and ensure that your business is growing. You would rather work on this than on your administration and annual accounts. Of course you do know that finances are important aspects. You want this to be taken care of properly. At DNA we can assist you with everything from processing the administration to taking care of the total financial services within your company.

You always choose how much we do for you and what you do yourself. Sometimes our financial tips can be enough to put you in the right direction. Other times you need a little more assistance. Let us know how we can help you.

Financial to the next level

At DNA, you get one contact person as your personal account manager. Under financial, legal & tax services we provide all the services listed below.

  • Tax structuring
  • Financial statements
  • Filing of Corporate Income Tax returns
  • VAT/GST returns, European sales and purchase listings, intrastat reports
  • US sales and US tax returns and business licenses
  • Reconciliations, management reports and data analytics
  • VAT 8th and 13th directive reclaims
  • Fiscal representation
  • Drafting a business plan
  • Setting up the complete administration (knowledge of multiple accounting systems)
  • Take care of the payroll administration
  • Drafting annual accounts
  • Performing an audit
  • Support for an annual closing
  • Financial advice for changes within your company
  • Billing
  • (De)registration
  • Pro-active issue management with the Dutch tax authorities
  • Support for (in)direct tax audits

We can also help you with the registration of your company/companies in the Netherlands (please note: we are not a trust office and do not provide an address for registration).

It is also possible to work (partly) on location.

Questions? Interested? Feel free to contact us.